Whistler Independent Book Awards – “This is a well-written novel. It was an entertaining read with an engaging plot and characters. Readers of period pieces and history, especially wartime, will enjoy this novel. The author is an effective story teller who is able to bring out the complexities of human emotions when faced with loss. This is neither a superficial nor light read. It deals with some serious life issues that many of us have or will face. I would definitely read another book by this author. Congratulations, Mr. Smith, on producing an excellent, thought-provoking book.”

Editor Dania Sheldon – “I’m sad to have finished. I’ve not enjoyed working on a fiction manuscript this much for a long time.”

Beverly M. – “The pages were wet with my tears.”

Shannon R. – “This tale of identity and resilience pulses with emotion, and beautifully explores mortality, grief, and renewal. Craig takes readers on a heartfelt, character-driven journey from World War II to the present day, and I found myself thinking about Brenda long after I finished it.”

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